XS Conferences and Exhibitions has organized and hosted over 200 local and international events, a task which necessitates working with a large number of decision makers, both in the business and governmental sectors. XS’Expertise include but not limited to:


  • Real estate development and finance.
  • Jeddah Telecommunications and information technology.
  • Hotels, Tourism and Travel.
  • Banking and investment.
  • Quality Conference.
  • Social Corporate Responsibility Forum Between Social & Private Sectors. (Jeddah – Makkah - Madina)
  • Sport’s Development in Makkah Region.
  • Saudi Stalled Projects Management Conference
  • The National Productive Families Conferences & Exhibitions
  • Saudi Labor Market & Employment Conference
  • Saudi – American Healthcare Forums
  • Saudi Public Transportation Conference & Exhibition

Conferences and Exhibitions abroad:

  • In Cooperation with the Saudi Export Development Center at the Ministry of Commerce, contributed to the promotion of “Saudi Made” in more than 60 International exhibitions held abroad.
  • Organized Saudi Arabia's pavilions at major international exhibitions, such as, The 16th International Business Forum coinciding with the 14th Musiad International Fair in Turkey
  • Japanese Saudi Business Opportunities Forum
  • Korean Saudi Business Opportunities Forum

International Exhibition in the Kingdom

  • French exhibitions in Saudi Arabia (3 rounds).
  • Iranian exhibitions in Saudi Arabia (4 rounds).
  • Egyptian exhibitions in Saudi Arabia (16 rounds).
  • Organized various exhibitions in Saudi Arabia for Britain, Italy, Indonesia, Malaysia, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Tunisia , Iran, Morocco & South Africa.

Specialized Exhibitions in the Kingdom

  • Jeddah Training & Education Exhibitions
  • The Saudi International Wedding Fairs
  • Saudi Education & Training Exhibition.