XS Conferences and Exhibitions is a large-scaleevent organizer operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. For over 30 years our team of experts deliver high quality specialized services and contribute to further advance organizations' lasting successes and achievements. Collaborating with a large number of decision makers from the business sector to governmental agencies, we have organized and hosted well over 300 exhibitions inside the Kingdom and more than 100 events promoting Saudi interests overseas in countries such as Japan, Korea, USA, United Kingdom, and other European nations.

Through holding trade fairs and exhibitions, XS has brought new products and services to the business community in Saudi Arabia and to the global international market at large to strengthen Saudi trade relations globally. Since its inception, XS has connected professionals from around the world to discuss and share in various fields and sectors, as well as address global concerns and issues.

XS Conferences and Exhibitions is a founding member of the National Committee for Conferences and Exhibitions at the Council of Saudi Chambers of Commerce and Industry as well as a member of the American Associations for Conferences and Exhibitions.